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サントリー ザ・プレミアム・モルツ キャンペーン

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This website has an down traffic trend and its number of visitors is going down. It has lost 313337 positions from the last three months, which is about 58.42% decrease.

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Range Rank Position Gain/Lost Change
Last week 884,614 348,255 39.37%
Last month 321,726 -214,633 -66.71%
Last 3 months 223,022 -313,337 -140.5%

Every day we check and store site world rank in our database. Highest rank is 1. Next rank is 2 and so on. If website traffic is increasing, the rank will go lower. If website traffic is decreasing, the rank will go higher. In this section we compare traffic rank on an 1 week, 3 months and 6 months basis.

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Every day we check and store site world rank in our database. Highest rank is 1. Next rank is 2 and so on. If website traffic is increasing, the rank will go lower. If website traffic is decreasing, the rank will go higher. This chart shows how site rank is changed. Note that we update only ranks in first one million sites and if rank is over 1M, it is not shown on the chart.

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14 symbols
サントリー ザ・プレミアム・モルツ キャンペーン

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サントリー ザ・プレミアム・モルツキャンペーン

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<h1> <h2> <h3> <h4> <h5>
1 2 1 1 0
Tag Tag Text
Text to Code ratio

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Img Tags
This page has 14 img tags (13 without alt attribute)

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You have 1 images with no alt attribute. It's good to have alternate text (alt) attributes to all you images.

Links analysis
Internal Links External Links External Nofollow
0 2 0

Keyword Analysis

On-page keywords analysis
Keyword Times found
2014年4月21日(月)〜2014年8月24日(日) 1
容量:380ml 1
※ご記入いただきました応募シールの合計点数より、ご希望コースの応募合計点数が不足している場合も無効となります。 1
応募資格 1
ネット応募の場合 1
【120点コース】超クリーミー泡サーバー(缶専用) 1
応募台紙による応募の方法 1
対象製品についている応募シールを、ご希望賞品の必要点数分集め、応募台紙に2層目のシリアルナンバーの記載がある面を透明テープでしっかりと貼り、氏名(フリガナ)、郵便番号、住所、年齢、電話番号、性別、各シール毎の枚数、合計点数、ご希望コース、応募口数をご記入の上、所定の郵便料金分の切手を貼ってご応募ください。お一人様何口でもご応募いただけますが、1口分を複数に分けてご応募いただくことはできません。(応募台紙の合算、また応募台紙とネット応募の合算はできません。)また、1通の封書に複数の応募台紙を入れてまとめてご応募いただくこともできますが、必ず応募台紙1枚毎に上記の必要事項をご記入の上、それぞれに応募シールをお貼りください。ご記入のない場合は、ご応募が無効となる場合があります。 1
*Registered Users 1
*Registered Users 1
*Registered Users 1
*Registered Users 1
*Registered Users 1
*Registered Users 1
*Registered Users 1
*Registered Users 1
*Registered Users 1
*Registered Users 1

In this section we have made analysis of the most popular words on the home page of $domain. Keywords on the table on the are sorted by their density (frequency) on the page. You can also see top sites that share these keywords in their home pages and also the world rank of these websites. You can check how many websites has some of these keywords as their own keyword too. It's a good and convinient way for researching $domain competition. For more detailed search, and for checking more than one keywords you can use our search on the top of the page.


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Mobile Redirect

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Meta Viewport Tag

Meta Viewport Tags are used to tell mobile browsers how to render your webpage. If your site doesn't look good on mobile devices you probably don't have meta viewport tag added.

You don't have meta viewport tag. Viewport tag is important for the proper scaling of your page on mobile devices (phones and tables).

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07 Apr 2014
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26 Feb 2014
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サントリー ザ・プレミアム・モルツ キャンペーン
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サントリー ザ・プレミアム・モルツキャンペーン
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