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Last week 44,431 -11,080 -24.94%
Last month 53,646 -1,865 -3.48%
Last 3 months 77,414 21,903 28.29%

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Country Percent of visitors
Ecuador 100.0%

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11 symbols
GlassFish Server 3.1 - Server Running

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<H1> Your server is now running
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Internal Links External Links External Nofollow
1 8 0

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On-page keywords analysis
Keyword Times found
server 13
glassfish 11
tool 3
administration 3
additional 3
platform 3
information 3
optimize 2
production 2
software 2
improve 2
osgi 2
support 7
oracle 7
update 6
install 4
enterprise 4
community 4
premier 4
technologies 3

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10 Sep 2013
Title has changed
Old New
Sistema Nacional de Nivelación y Admisión GlassFish Server 3.1 - Server Running
Meta Description has changed
Old New
Diseñar, implementar y administrar un Sistema de Nivelación y Admisión a las instituciones de educación superior públicas del Ecuador, que garantice la pertinencia de la oferta académica y la existencia de un sistema equitativo, transparente para todos los estudiantes aspirantes, basado en la aplicación de pruebas estandarizadas debidamente validadas.
Meta Keywords has changed
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snna, inscripciones, sistema, nacional, de , nivelación, admisión, senescyt, ingreso, universidades, politecnicas, ingresar, pruebas, aptitud, sistema, nacional, requisitos, noticias, examen, postulación, proceso, inscripción, IES, inscritos
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7 8
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24 1
22 Jul 2013
Significant Traffic Change

We've detected significant traffic decrease with 54%

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20 24
03 Jul 2013
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18 20
19 Jan 2013
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6 7
Internal Links Number has changed
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17 18
11 Jan 2013
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5 6