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This website has an up traffic trend and its number of visitors is growing. It has climbed 29254 positions up from the last three months, which is about 13.2% increase.

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Last pagerank check was on 31 Aug 2011

PageRank is link analysis algorithm developed by one of Google founders Larry Page. In Google Toolbar the PageRank (in short PR) is displayed as a whole number from 0 to 10. Popular websites has higher PR.

WEBTARANTULA ADVICE: The time when PR was a significant factor for better positioning in Google Results are in the past. It's still a factor, but there are a lot more factors that should be considered.

Pagerank History
Date Pagerank
31 Aug 2011 4


Visitors Trend
Range Rank Position Gain/Lost Change
Last week 196,830 4,384 2.23%
Last month 224,874 32,428 14.42%
Last 3 months 221,700 29,254 13.2%

Every day we check and store site world rank in our database. Highest rank is 1. Next rank is 2 and so on. If website traffic is increasing, the rank will go lower. If website traffic is decreasing, the rank will go higher. In this section we compare traffic rank on an 1 week, 3 months and 6 months basis.

WEBTARANTULA ADVICE: If your website (in this case rank is going down you should check it for some problems.

Visitors Trend Graph

Every day we check and store site world rank in our database. Highest rank is 1. Next rank is 2 and so on. If website traffic is increasing, the rank will go lower. If website traffic is decreasing, the rank will go higher. This chart shows how site rank is changed. Note that we update only ranks in first one million sites and if rank is over 1M, it is not shown on the chart.

Visitors by country
Country Percent of visitors
Chile 95.8%

This map show from which countries came the significant part of visitors. You can see distribution in percents, where the dark grey colour marks more visitors and light grey marks less visitors. We show only first few countries, so the total of percents is lower than 100%.

Content Analysis

Domain Lenght
9 symbols

This is page title as it is in HTML <title> tag.

WEBTARANTULA ADVICE: It's preferable for the page title to be short and descriptive for the visitor.

<h1> <h2> <h3> <h4> <h5>
4 0 0 0 0
Tag Tag Text
<H1> Banefe, queremos ser tu banco
<H1> Ingresa tu RUT y descubre las Ofertas! que tenemos para ti
<H1> Felicitaciones! tienes un crédito pre-aporbado por
<H1> No tenemos ninguna oferta de Crédito Pre-aprobado para ti en estos momentos.

You should have only one H1 tag!

Text to Code ratio

This is ratio between HTML/Javascript code and actual text information on the page.

Your text to code ratio is too low (9%). You should think of adding more text to your site. Right now the code is too much!

WEBTARANTULA ADVICE: Low ratio will usually have negative SEO impact. Low ratio can be fixed with adding some text or by moving formatting and programming to external CSS and JS files.

Links analysis
Internal Links External Links External Nofollow
32 6 0

You have a lot of external links! You should remove some of them from your website!

Keyword Analysis

On-page keywords analysis
Keyword Times found
600 4
banco 4
chequera 2
los 2
con 2
condiciones 2
electrónica 2
clave 2
tarjetas 2
servicio 2
vox 2
cajeros 2
crédito 4
productos 4
banefe 3
cliente 3
super 3
aquí 2
servicios 2
beneficios 2

In this section we have made analysis of the most popular words on the home page of $domain. Keywords on the table on the are sorted by their density (frequency) on the page. You can also see top sites that share these keywords in their home pages and also the world rank of these websites. You can check how many websites has some of these keywords as their own keyword too. It's a good and convinient way for researching $domain competition. For more detailed search, and for checking more than one keywords you can use our search on the top of the page.


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Seo Score

Seo Score

This score is estimated and based on several criterias described in all of our sections.

Topic: Top/World/Español/Regional/América/Chile/Economía_y_negocios/Finanzas/Bancos_e_instituciones
Title: Sitio de la división de consumo del Banco Santander Santiago, que nace en 2004 por la fusión de Financiera Fusa y Fincard.

Dmoz is the open directory project located at When a site is added in DMoz, it is reviewed by real person - dmoz editor. This significantly improves the quality of the listed websites. Until few years ago DMoz was "replicated" in Google domain, even this address does not work now, some SEO specialists still believe listing in DMoz positively affects Google ranking.

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You can show off with this cool widget about seo score estimated by webtarantula.


Page Size
15 Kilobytes (16,054 bytes)

Physical size of the page, when downloaded in kilobytes.

WEBTARANTULA ADVICE: Page size must be reasonable. Long pages have high load times, also slow down the clients computer - in such case the visitor will simply close the page. For mobile devices large pages can be cropped or simply not shown. In some cases large page is necessary - in this case is better the page to be presented as document for download - PDF, DOC or HTML. ZIP files must be avoided, because they may be blocked by some antivirus software.


13 Apr 2013
Significant Traffic Change

We've detected significant traffic decrease with 46%

Significant Traffic Decrease from Chile
Old New
98.90% 95.80%
22 Feb 2013
Significant Traffic Change

We've detected significant traffic increase with 27%

18 Dec 2012
External Links Number has changed
Old New
7 6
External (Nofollow) Links Number has changed
Old New
1 0
07 Dec 2012
External Links Number has changed
Old New
6 7
External (Nofollow) Links Number has changed
Old New
0 1
Internal Links Number has changed
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33 32