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PageRank is link analysis algorithm developed by one of Google founders Larry Page. In Google Toolbar the PageRank (in short PR) is displayed as a whole number from 0 to 10. Popular websites has higher PR.

WEBTARANTULA ADVICE: The time when PR was a significant factor for better positioning in Google Results are in the past. It's still a factor, but there are a lot more factors that should be considered.

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WEBTARANTULA ADVICE: You have no H1 tags on your page. You should consider adding h1 tag on our page.

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This is ratio between HTML/Javascript code and actual text information on the page.

WEBTARANTULA ADVICE: Low ratio will usually have negative SEO impact. Low ratio can be fixed with adding some text or by moving formatting and programming to external CSS and JS files.

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ℼ佄呃偙⁅呈䱍倠䉕䥌⁃ⴢ⼯㍗⽃䐯䑔䠠䵔⁌⸴㄰吠慲獮瑩潩慮⽬䔯≎∠瑨灴⼺眯睷眮挳漮杲启⽒㤱㤹刯䍅栭浴㑬㄰ㄭ㤹ㄹ㈲⼴潬獯⹥瑤≤ാ㰊瑨汭㰾敨摡㰾楴汴㹥敒慮汵⁴畁潴敳癲捩⁥敌瑵牥摳牯⁦浇䡢⼼楴汴㹥਍洼瑥⁡瑨灴攭畱癩䌽湯整瑮吭灹⁥潣瑮湥㵴琢硥⽴瑨汭※档牡敳㵴湵捩摯≥ാ㰊敭慴挠湯整瑮∽楍牣獯景⁴牆湯側条⁥⸵∰渠浡㵥䕇䕎䅒佔㹒⼼敨摡ാ㰊潢祤瘠楌歮⌽〰〰〰愠楌歮⌽㡦㙢〰氠湩㵫〣〰〰‰杢牐灯牥楴獥昽硩摥ഠ戊䍧汯牯⌽晦晦晦ാ㰊楤⁶污杩㵮散瑮牥ാ㰊散瑮牥☾扮灳㰻振湥整㹲਍挼湥整㹲਍琼扡敬栠楥桧㵴ㄱ″散汬灓捡湩㵧‰散汬慐摤湩㵧‰楷瑤㵨㔹‷潢摲牥〽猠祴敬∽潢摲牥挭汯慬獰㩥挠汯慬獰≥戠牯敤捲汯牯∽ㄣㄱㄱ∱ാ 㰠扴摯㹹਍†琼⁲䅶楬湧琽灯ാ †㰠摴瘠污杩㵮洢摩汤≥猠祴敬∽潢摲牥氭晥⵴瑳汹㩥猠汯摩※潢摲牥氭晥⵴楷瑤㩨ㄠ※潢摲牥爭杩瑨猭祴敬›潮敮※潢摲牥爭杩瑨眭摩桴›敭楤浵※潢摲牥琭灯猭祴敬›潳楬㭤戠牯敤⵲潴⵰楷瑤㩨ㄠ※潢摲牥戭瑯潴⵭瑳汹㩥猠汯摩※潢摲牥戭瑯潴⵭楷瑤㩨ㄠ•楷瑤㵨ㄢ㤲•敨杩瑨∽ㄱ∳ാ ††㰠⁰污杩㵮散瑮牥㰾浩⁧敨杩瑨㠽‱牳㵣氢杯⹯湰≧眠摩桴㠽‱潢摲牥〽㰾瀯㰾琯㹤਍††琼⁤楷瑤㵨㘶‵瑳汹㵥戢牯敤⵲敬瑦猭祴敬›潮敮※潢摲牥氭晥⵴楷瑤㩨洠摥畩㭭戠牯敤⵲楲桧⵴瑳汹㩥渠湯㭥戠牯敤⵲楲桧⵴楷瑤㩨洠摥畩㭭戠牯敤⵲潴⵰瑳汹㩥猠汯摩※潢摲牥琭灯眭摩桴›㬱戠牯敤⵲潢瑴浯猭祴敬›潳楬㭤戠牯敤⵲潢瑴浯眭摩桴›∱栠楥桧㵴ㄢ㌱㸢਍†††瀼愠楬湧挽湥整㹲昼湯⁴楳敺㘽㰾牢㰾是湯㹴戼㰾潦瑮映捡㵥䄢楲污丠牡潲≷ഠ ††挠汯牯⌽㌳㌳㌳猠穩㵥㸶䥗䱌佋䵍久䈠䥅⁍啁佔䕓噒䍉⁅਍††䕌呕剅䑓剏㱆是湯㹴⼼㹢⼼㹰⼼摴ാ †㰠摴瘠污杩㵮洢摩汤≥猠祴敬∽潢摲牥氭晥⵴瑳汹㩥渠湯㭥戠牯敤⵲敬瑦眭摩桴›敭楤浵※潢摲牥爭杩瑨猭祴敬›潳楬㭤戠牯敤⵲楲桧⵴楷瑤㩨ㄠ※潢摲牥琭灯猭祴敬›潳楬㭤戠牯敤⵲潴⵰楷瑤㩨ㄠ※潢摲牥戭瑯潴⵭瑳汹㩥猠汯摩※潢摲牥戭瑯潴⵭楷瑤㩨ㄠ•楷瑤㵨ㄢㄶ•敨杩瑨∽ㄱ∳ാ ††㰠⁰瑳汹㵥䴢剁䥇ⵎ佔㩐〠硰※䅍䝒义䈭呏佔㩍〠硰•污杩㵮散瑮牥㰾㹢昼湯⁴਍†††楳敺㈽吾汥㨮〠㔳㘸㌠㘸㐱㰸牢䘾硡㨮〠㔳㘸㌠㘸㐱㰹是湯㹴⼼㹢㰠瀯ാ ††㰠⁰瑳汹㵥䴢剁䥇ⵎ佔㩐〠硰※䅍䝒义䈭呏佔㩍〠硰•污杩㵮散瑮牥☾扮灳㰻瀯ാ ††㰠⁰瑳汹㵥䴢剁䥇ⵎ佔㩐〠硰※䅍䝒义䈭呏佔㩍〠硰•污杩㵮散瑮牥㰾瀯ാ ††㰠⁰瑳汹㵥䴢剁䥇ⵎ佔㩐〠硰※䅍䝒义䈭呏佔㩍〠硰•污杩㵮散瑮牥㰾潦瑮ഠ ††映捡㵥牁慩㹬愼猠祴敬∽䕔员䐭䍅剏呁佉㩎渠湯≥ഠ ††栠敲㵦昢汩㩥⼯䌯⼺潄畫敭瑮╥〲湵╤〲楅獮整汬湵敧⽮潔⽭敄歳潴⽰湉整湲瑥敳瑩╥〲坎㈥䜰⽗浩牰獥畳⹭瑨汭•਍†††慴杲瑥弽潴㹰昼湯⁴潣潬㵲㠣㠰㠰‰楳敺ㄽ䤾⼼潦瑮㰾愯㰾⁡瑳汹㵥吢塅ⵔ䕄佃䅒䥔乏›潮敮•牨晥∽浩牰獥畳⹭瑨汭㸢昼湯⁴਍†††潣潬㵲㠣㠰㠰‰਍楳敺ㄽ䴾剐卅啓㱍是湯㹴⼼㹡⼼潦瑮㰾瀯㰾琯㹤⼼牴㰾琯潢祤㰾琯扡敬㰾振湥整㹲਍挼湥整㹲渦獢㭰⼼散瑮牥㰾搯癩ാ㰊慴汢⁥摩䄽瑵乯浵敢㉲猠祴敬∽佂䑒剅䌭䱏䅌卐㩅挠汯慬獰≥戠牯敤䍲汯牯⌽ㄱㄱㄱഠ栊楥桧㵴㜹挠汥卬慰楣杮〽挠汥偬摡楤杮〽眠摩桴∽㌱㠶•潢摲牥〽ാ 㰠扴摯㹹਍†琼㹲਍††琼⁤楷瑤㵨㤢∷栠楥桧㵴㜹ാ ††☠扮灳㰻琯㹤਍††琼⁤楷瑤㵨ㄢㄷ•敨杩瑨㤽㸷਍†††瀼愠楬湧∽散瑮牥㸢愼栠敲㵦栢瑴㩰⼯敬瑵牥摳牯ⵦ敬瑵牥摳牯⹦慨湥汤牥敲慮汵⹴敤∯ഠ琊牡敧㵴扟慬歮㰾浩⁧敨杩瑨㘽‷牳㵣愢⹨偊≇眠摩桴ㄽ㔶愠楬湧氽晥⁴਍†††潢摲牥〽㰾愯㰾琯㹤਍††琼⁤楷瑤㵨㠢㔳•敨杩瑨ㄽ㐹爠睯灳湡∽∲ാ ††㰠⁰污杩㵮散瑮牥㰾⁡牨晥∽瑨灴⼺氯略整獲潤晲氭略整獲潤晲栮敡摮敬牲湥畡瑬搮⽥•਍慴杲瑥弽汢湡㹫椼杭栠楥桧㵴㠴‱牳㵣昢物㉭㌱䨮䝐•楷瑤㵨〷‶਍潢摲牥〽㰾愯㰾瀯㰾琯㹤਍††琼⁤楷瑤㵨㈢㔶•敨杩瑨㤽㸷਍†††渦獢㭰⼼摴㰾琯㹲਍†琼㹲਍††琼⁤楷瑤㵨㤢∷栠楥桧㵴㜹ാ ††☠扮灳㰻琯㹤਍††琼⁤楷瑤㵨ㄢㄷ•敨杩瑨㤽㸷਍†††瀼愠楬湧挽湥整㹲਍†††愼琠牡敧㵴弢汢湡≫栠敲㵦栢瑴㩰⼯灣浣⹳畡潴捳畯㉴⸴潣⽭湩敤⹸桰㽰捳㵩㉦㠴㥢㘵搸戰㉤㥥㥥收㉥㄰ㄷ摢ㅣ㉢㈰慤ㄱ愱㸢椼杭栠楥桧㵴㐶猠捲∽捳畯⹴偊≇眠摩桴ㄽ㔶愠楬湧氽晥⁴਍†††潢摲牥〽㰾愯㰾瀯㰾琯㹤਍††琼⁤楷瑤㵨㈢㔶•敨杩瑨㤽㸷਍†††瀼愠楬湧挽湥整㹲਍†††愼琠牡敧㵴弢汢湡≫栠敲㵦栢瑴㩰⼯獡ぬ㜲渮ⵯ灩漮杲㠺〱⼰•瑳汹㵥琢硥⵴敤潣慲楴湯›潮敮㸢਍†††㰮愯㰾瀯㰾琯㹤⼼牴㰾琯潢祤㰾琯扡敬ാ㰊⁰污杩㵮散瑮牥☾扮灳㰻瀯㰾戯摯㹹⼼瑨汭

In this section we have made analysis of the most popular words on the home page of $domain. Keywords on the table on the are sorted by their density (frequency) on the page. You can also see top sites that share these keywords in their home pages and also the world rank of these websites. You can check how many websites has some of these keywords as their own keyword too. It's a good and convinient way for researching $domain competition. For more detailed search, and for checking more than one keywords you can use our search on the top of the page.


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Mobile Redirect

If you have separated version of your website developer especially for mobile users you can redirect them using alternate meta tag.

Meta Viewport Tag

Meta Viewport Tags are used to tell mobile browsers how to render your webpage. If your site doesn't look good on mobile devices you probably don't have meta viewport tag added.

You don't have meta viewport tag. Viewport tag is important for the proper scaling of your page on mobile devices (phones and tables).

Apple Icon

iOS and Android mobile phones can add websites to the home screen and be accessed like applications. Anyone who decides to do that will see nice icon rather than an snapshot of your site if you add apple-touch-icon meta tag.

Flash Content

Most of the mobile devices including all Apple mobile devices can't read flash content properly. So having flash object in webpages give mobile users poor experience.

Seo Score

Seo Score

This score is estimated and based on several criterias described in all of our sections.

Seo Score Widget

You can show off with this cool widget about seo score estimated by webtarantula.


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Physical size of the page, when downloaded in kilobytes.

WEBTARANTULA ADVICE: Page size must be reasonable. Long pages have high load times, also slow down the clients computer - in such case the visitor will simply close the page. For mobile devices large pages can be cropped or simply not shown. In some cases large page is necessary - in this case is better the page to be presented as document for download - PDF, DOC or HTML. ZIP files must be avoided, because they may be blocked by some antivirus software.


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