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24 Mar 2014
12 Ways to Increase Traffic From Google Without Building Links As you know when we talk about increasing Google traffic the first thing we think of is link building. In this article the author presents 12 ways to increase traffic from Google without building links. read more
14 Mar 2014
Let's Talk About Backlinks Check out this article from PotPieGirl in which she presents 27 minute video in which talks about link building - the latest information on this topic. read more
24 Feb 2014
Link Building in 2014 is All About Building Your Brand & Reputat.. Through this article the author has presented information that may be useful to you how to choose the best link building strategy in 2014. We advise you to forget about most of familiar methods of link building and pay attention to those in the article. read more
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What is

Web tarantula is a service, that helps web masters researching and analyzing their competitor websites and gives them directions how to improve their websites to be more competitive.

How works?

We are using cutting edge technology and we can process thousands of gigabites information daily. We mix this information with several public available services and store the structured website information in our databank, so it can be accessible fast.

How is different from other similar services?

It provides better visual representation of the information. It also provides on-page keywords analysis, i.e. you can check what keywords do your competitors rely on, what is their density on their websites and found similar sites based on these keywords. You can also use our service to check the best website in any given niche. It also provide geo-network-analysis, i.e. you can check where the site is hosted and from what counties users are. We use US and world rank in our analysis, but unlike some similar sites, we do not emphasize it. We use the US and world ranks to compile unique gainers / losers analysis, there you can easily spot most important and interesting websites, without listing thousands of site data. Our website is free and we do not require any registration. Adding websites is instant and free. But no more talking, you can start using the services for free right now! Do not hesitate to leave feedback, recommendations, bug reports and so on.